November 3rd 2009

Added Slayer live in Sydney 2009 to bootleg list.

November 6th 2009

Added Bon Jovi THE CIRCLE to cd list.
Ace Frehley ANOMALY added to cd list.
Marillion live in Edinburgh 1987 added to bootlegs.

November 11th 2009

Kiss live in San Francisco 1992 added to bootlegs.
Added Lamb Of God KILLADELPHIA to cd list
Lamb Of God SACRAMENT added to cd list.
Led Zepplin PHYSICAL GRAFFITI remastered added to cd list.
Added Marillion LIVE AT LORELEY remastered to cd list.

November 14th 2009

Added Marillion RECITAL OF THE SCRIPT to cd list.
Marillion LESS IS MORE added to cd list.

November 18th 2009

Added Living Colour live in New York 2009 to bootlegs.

November 20th 2009

Added Thin Lizzy live in Preston 1980 to bootlegs.
U2 live in London 2009 added to bootlegs.

November 24th 2009

Added Dream Theater WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE remastered to cd list.
Dream Theater WHEN DREAM AND DAY REUNITE added to cd list.

November 27th 2009

Added Lynard Skynard GOD AND GUNS to cd list.
Rammstein LIEBE IST FUR ALLE DA added to cd list