May 11th 2007

Added Queensryche live in London 1994 to bootlegs.
Skid Row live in Los Angeles 1989 added to bootlegs.
ZZ Top live in Madison 1986 added to bootlegs.
Added Linkin Park MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT to cd list.
Megadeth UNITED ABOMINATIONS added to cd list.
Added Iron Maiden live in Italy 1992 to bootleg list.
Roger Waters live in Sydney 2007 added to bootleg list.
David Lee Roth live in New York 1988 added to bootlegs.
Added Black Sabbath live in Tokyo 1980 to bootleg list.
Thin Lizzy live in Detroit 1976 added to boolegs.
Added Metallica live in Manchester 1996 to bootlegs.

May 16th 2007

Added ACDC live in Munich 2001 to bootlegs.
Kiss live in Columbus 2004 added to bootleg list.
Added Kiss live in Detroit 2004 to bootlegs.
Ratt live in Kanagawa Japan 1986 added to bootlegs.
Added Rush live in Reno 1992 to bootleg list.
Scorpions HUMANITY HOUR 1 added to cd list.

May 20th 2007

Added Ozzy Osbourne BLACK RAIN to cd list.
Added Dream Theater SYSTEMATIC CHAOS to cd list.
Kiss live in Indianapolis 2000 added to bootleg list.
Added Ozzy Osbourne live in Taunton 1980 to bootleg list.
Yes live in Millersville 1984 added to bootlegs.
Marillion live in Hannover 1995 added to bootleg list.