May 3rd 2006

Added Yes live in London 1991 to bootlegs.
David Gilmour live in Italy 2005 to bootlegs.
Kiss live in West Palm Beach 2004 added to bootleg list.
Kiss live in Mexico 2004 added to bootleg list.

May 16th 2006

Added Kiss live in Albuquerque 2004 to bootlegs.
Added Kiss live in Phoenix 2004 to bootlegs.
Ozzy Osbourne live in Largo 1984 added to bootleg list.
Added Warrant live in Texas 2006 to bootlegs.
Slayer live in California 1985 added to bootlegs.

May 24th 2006

Added Metallica live in Birmingham UK 1996 to bootlegs.
Added Metallica live in Dallas 1989 to bootlegs.
INXS live at Loreley Germany 1997 added to booteg list.
Dream Theater live in Denver 1994 added to bootlegs.
Yes live in Austria 1984 added to bootlegs.
Yes THE YES ALBUM added to cd list.