July 3rd 2005

Added C,D and E list to cd list.
Added Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe live in Japan bootleg info.
More Aeromith bootleg info added
Added this update page.

July 4th 2005

Added info for Anthrax and Asia bootlegs.

July 6th 2005

Added M update for bootleg list
Added F,G and H to cd list

July 7th 2005

Added I,J and K to cd list.

July 9th 2005

Added L,M,N,O and P to cd list.

July 10th 2005

Added Q,R and S to cd list.

July 11th 2005

Finished adding cd list.

July 12th 2005

Added Metallica bootlegs and some entries to cd list.

July 14th 2005

Added O to bootleg list.

July 15th 2005

Started adding info for Bon Jovi bootlegs

July 16th 2005

Added P to bootleg list.

July 17th 2005

Added Q and R to bootleg list.

July 18th 2005

Fixed the link to the L cd list.
Added Pink Floyd live in Manchester 1988 to bootleg list.
Added S,T and U to bootlegs list.
Added data overload to Rush bootlegs.

July 20th 2005

Finished adding bootleg list.
Added total for cd list.

July 22th 2005

Added updates to Bon Jovi bootleg info.

July 24th 2005

Added 2 AC/DC bootlegs.

July 25th 2005

Added Motley Crue bootlegs

July 27th 2005

Added Bon jovi Boston benifit bootleg info.
Added to links page.
Added lost trios marillos to Marillion bootleg list.
Added Skid Row live in Tokyo bootleg.

July 31th 2005

Added Van halen live at Fort wayne 1986 bootleg.
Added Vixen cd's to cd list.
Included Ratt GREATEST HITS cd to list.