February 6th 2012

Added Black Sabbath live in Bremen 1987 to bootleg list.
James Labrie STATIC IMPULSE added to cd list.
Metallica live in Vancouver 2004 added to bootlegs.
Rush live in Phoenix 2008 added to bootleg list.
Soulfly PRIMATIVE added to cd list.
Added Spineshank SELF DESTRUCTIVE PATTERN to cd list.
Therapy? live in Sweden 2010 added to bootlegs.
Wet WET added to cd list.

February 7th 2012

Added It Bites Radio Sessions to bootlegs.
Lacuna Coil COMALIES added to cd list.
Lamb Of God RESOLUTION added to cd list.

February 8th 2012

Added Corpus Christi A FEAST OF CROWS to cd list.
Rush live in Rotterdam 1992 added to bootlegs.

February 10th 2012

Added Limp Bizkit GOLD COBRA to cd list.
Van Halen A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH added to cd list.

February 14th 2012

Added Metallica live in Amneville 2011 to bootlegs.

February 17th 2012

Added Nickelback HEAR AND NOW to cd list.
Soulfly DARK AGES added to cd list.

February 18th 2012

Night Ranger SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA added to cd list.
Added Rush live in Orlando 1990 to bootlegs.
Sepultura BENEATH THE REMAINS added to cd list.
Soulfly 3 added to cd list.

February 20th 2012

Added Machine Head UNTO THE LOCUSTS to cd list.

February 22nd 2012

Added Inxs live in Sydney 1992 to bootlegs.

February 23rd 2012

Added Roger Waters live in Dublin 2011 to bootleg list.

February 26th 2012

Nightwish live in Manchester 2008 added to bootlegs.
Pat Benatar live in Philadelphia 1989 added to bootlegs.

February 28th 2012

Pink Floyd live in East Rutherford 1987 added to bootlegs.

February 29th 2012

Rush live in Toronto 1997 added to bootleg list.
Added Saxon DENIM AND LEATHER to cd list.
Simple Minds live in Birmingham 2009 added to bootleg list.
Van Halen live in Detroit 2012 added to bootlegs.